Next Party: April 21st 2018

Spring is springing and we're back at the Total Refreshment Centre for another long night's journey into sound!

Things will be a little different this time because we are switching over to only selling tickets online - there will be no tickets available at the door, but we will keep ticket sales open until 23:59 on the night or until they run out (whichever comes first).

Tickets are valid only until midnight on the night, after which there will be no admission. 


If there's a big queue when you get there don't worry - you can still come in as long as arrive at the queue by midnight. We're hoping to avoid long queues however.

To make it easier for people to get in without queuing, we'll be open from 9pm. We will try very hard to get set up by that time, but even if we're not, the bar will be open and there will plenty of space to chill out ;).

See you there!

Total Refreshment Centre
Unit 1 Foulden road, N16 7UU
London, United Kingdom

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See you there!

Our next planned party dates after that are:

May 19th

June 23rd

July 21st